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Hazard Communication

The following information of hazardous materials training is the guideline for our course. However, OSTS will address the following issues in a site-specific manner to ensure applicability of information. Our instructors not only cover the required elements, but use Tabletop and Practical exercises to further enhance the value of the class.

Program Development

OSTS will develop your Hazard Communications Program as required by Cal OSHA, CCR Title 8 Section 5194. The program will include all necessary policies and procedures.

Program Implementation

Training for Safety Director and /or Committee on how to implement and manage the program. Course takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Employee Orientation

This session will ensure that all employees understand their responsibility as it relates to the company's Hazard Communications Program safety plan. This course takes 60 minutes.

Hazard Communication Employee Training

This training session will ensure that the students understand the potential for exposure and their liability and responsibility as it relates to the company's Hazard Communication Program. Individuals who participate in this training will be given a comprehensive overview of the Standard, your written policies and procedures, Material Safety Data Sheets, appropriate hazard labeling, and the “Employee Right-To-Know” (Prop. 65) information. Participants will receive materials/handouts needed to assist in subject retention.

Class will last approximately 45mins to 1 hour. The session will consist of lecture, handouts and video presentation.

Hazard Communication Standard.

This standard is designed to ensure that employers and employees know about hazardous chemicals in the workplace and how to protect themselves. Employers with employees who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace must prepare and implement a written Hazard Communication Program and comply with other requirements of the standard.

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