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Many Employers do not realize that it is required to develop a "Specific" Energy Control Procedure for each piece of equipment that exposes employees to hazardous energy while cleaning, servicing, maintaining, adjusting, unjamming, or setting up Cal OSHA’s regulatory reference is CCR Title 8 Sections:

  • 3314. Cleaning, Repairing, Servicing and Adjusting Prime Movers, Machinery and Equipment
  • 3340. Accident Prevention Signs
  • 3341. Accident Prevention Tags

This training session will ensure that the students understand the potential for exposure and their liability and responsibility as it relates to the company's Lockout Tagout Program. Individuals who participate in this training will be given a comprehensive overview of the Standard, your written policies and procedures and how energized machines and equipment affect their daily activities. Key points that will be cover in this course include:

  • The control of hazardous energy must be done according to a six-step procedure:
    • Preparation for shutdown
    • Equipment shutdown
    • Equipment isolation
    • Application of lockout tagout devices
    • Control of stored energy
    • Equipment-isolation verification
  • Before removing the lock:
    • Make sure equipment is safe
    • Conduct a head count
    • Notify all affected personnel that lockout is being removed.
  • Special situations to be aware of:
    • Outside contractors
    • Temporarily reactivating equipment
    • Servicing that lasts more than one shift
    • Removal of lockout by personnel who did not apply it

    Participants will receive materials/handouts needed to assist in subject retention. Class will last approximately 1 hour for "Affected" personnel and 2 hours for an introduction to "Authorized" personnel. The session for "Authorized" individuals can last many hours when specific energy controls procedures are being discussed and explained. The session may consist of lecture, handouts, powerpoint and video presentation.

    The Lockout Tagout Standard requires the following issues to be addressed:

    • Conduct an Evaluation of potential energy sources your employees may be exposed
    • Develop a formal Written Policy
    • Assign "Authorized" Personnel
    • Develop Energy Control Procedures per piece of equipment
    • * Acquire necessary locks, tags, and locking devices
    • Conduct Training for Employees - "Authorized" and "Affected"
    • Establish Procedures To Maintain The Program

    * To be provided by a safety equipment supplier

    All training is performed in accordance with Federal OSHA, applicable State-chartered OSHA, and other State Regulations and local Ordinances.

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Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Lockout Tagout (10 min.)

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Mandatory training for both affected and authorized personnel. Describes lockout/tagout, how to control potential machine and equipment accidents that may be started accidentally through a variety of energy sources.


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