Asbestos Cement Pipe Training Certification

This (4) hour initial course will cover the health effects of Asbestos exposure for workers and for supervisors involved with cement piping, and satisfies the Cal/OSHA regulation 8CCR 341.17.

Course topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • The physical characteristics and health hazards of asbestos.
  • The types of asbestos cement pipe an employee may encounter in his or her specific work assignments.
  • Safe practices and procedures for minimizing asbestos exposures from operations involving asbestos cement pipe.
  • A review of general industry and construction safety orders relating to asbestos exposure.
  • Hands-on instruction using pipe and the tools and equipment employees will use in the work place. Client is responsible for employees bringing respiratory protection.

Material to be provided by client:

  • Clay Pipe – Preferably 3’ section per 10 students
  • 6 MIL Clear Poly Sheeting – 1 roll (20’ x 100’)
  • Disposable Bags – 3-5
  • 1” Duct Tape – 6-8 rolls
  • Spun Poly Disposable Suits – if applicable
  • Respirators
  • Yellow “Caution” Tape – 1 roll
  • Red “Danger” Tape – 1 roll
  • Asbestos Signs – (1) each in English & Spanish
  • Cones or Delineators
  • Scissors – 1-2 pair
  • Utility Knife – 1


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