Cal OSHA regulatory reference is CCR Title 8 Section 3203

O.S.T.S., Inc. will conduct a facility safety audit to identify potential Cal OSHA compliance / safety violations.  Our report categorizes seriousness, provide an explanation of the requirement(s), note any applicable CCR Section number(s) and provide a photo of the finding. This audit includes physical findings, identification and notification of behavior concerns, and identification of many needed/missing documents within the facility. You may request an audit of document content or other paperwork as an option at an additional cost.

With this audit, O.S.T.S. will uncover many of your Cal OSHA concerns.

O.S.T.S., Inc. can not and does not guarantee that all existing Cal OSHA violations are discovered during this audit process. Unforeseen variables can mask violations or potential violations at any time on any given day.

Other specialty audits are available

(i.e. environmental, fire safety, etc.)


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