MSHA Part 46 New Miner – Safety Training

The Mine Safety and Health Administration requires that all contractors complete 24 -hours of New Miner training. They will have successfully completed new miner, experienced miner, annual refresher and task training and have an approved Training Plan with an MSHA ID#.

The Contractor has the option to complete 8-hours of New Miner classroom training and up to 60 days to complete Self-Rescue/Respiratory devices and First Aid methods training and up to 90 days to complete the balance. But, the New Miner employee must work under direct supervision of an experienced miner and will not be allowed to work on their own until the 24-hrs. training has been completed. By completing the 24-hrs of training all at once, employees will be able to work any mine without supervision. 

MSHA Safety Training Part 46 Refresher (46.8)

The Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA, requires that all contractors complete 8-hour annual refresher training before entering a Mine environment.

This training covers health and safety factors, all prevalent hazards, emergency procedures as well as hazardous equipment. This course also explores chemical hazards, environmental hazards, physical, and equipment hazards found at surface mine sites. It will also go over best practices for accident prevention.


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