Periodic Emergency Evacuation Drill

Many employers have developed emergency action plans (EAP) to ensure that their employees understand what they should do in the event of an earthquake, AND what their employer is going to do to account for them and care for them during and after the emergency. Much preparation and energy is required to develop EAPs, so to ensure the plan is going to be as effective as possible in the event of an emergency, it is recommended that employers conduct periodic evacuation / response drills.

OSTS not only assists its clients with the development of plans, we also help prepare, coordinate, and facilitate evacuation drills for all employees in case of an emergency. Employees will be given specific instructions where to assemble at designated safe zones. Those employee(s) designated within the plan will then take a roll count of all employees and report to the Incident Commander of all accounted for of if any failing to report.

As future drills are scheduled, OSTS can assist with increasing skill sets of those employees who have designated responsibilities within the plan.  OSTS will add scenario exercises having increasing difficulty to ensure these individuals are as prepared as possible is the event of a real emergency.

NOTE: Employer and employee response to earthquake/fire/power failure and active shooter events differ significantly.  OSTS can help to prepare your organization for both types of events.   Planning and training are two separate projects.