Violence in the Workplace Prevention Employee Level Training

This 3-4 hour class offers ways to help manage disruptive and aggressive behavior in the workplace. Workplace violence training will help reduce disruptive incidents, prevent workplace violence, lower risk of injury, improve workplace relations, and reduce exposure to liability. Create a safer work environment and decrease the chance of workplace violence in your organization.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Violence in the Workplace

  • Reasons for increase in Workplace Violence
  • Indicators of Workplace Violence
  • Assess Your Work Environment
  • Know Your Violence Response Procedures
  • Pay Attention to the Warning Signs
  • Trust Your Instincts
  • Prevention
  • Use a Team Approach
  • Promote Respect


  • Comprehensive Active Shooter Incident Management (CASIM)
  • Incident Life Cycle
  • Types and Sources of Workplace Violence
  • Warnings and Behaviors
  • Response & Recovery

This class is available for in-person training or via webinar.


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