Aerial Lift Safety Training

Prerequisite: Prior to performing the hands-on segment of our safety course, students must have previously and successfully completed an Operator Training Course for the particular piece of equipment to be covered in this safety course.  OSTS does not teach employees HOW to operate the equipment.

In this course the students will be introduced to the safety principles of operating an Aerial/Boom Lift. Some of the topics addressed in this class include:

  • Cal OSHA’s required Safe Operating Instructions (CCR Title 8 Section 3648)
  • General safe operating principles
  • Electrocution hazards
  • Fall Protection concerns and requirements
  • Vehicle safety inspection
  • Battery Charging safety
  • Emergency Procedures

The classroom instruction includes lecture, handouts, video, and question and answer. Each student will be required to take and pass a written test prior to proceeding to the hands-on segment.

NOTE: During the hands-on exercise, each student will be required to wear their fall protection harness and lanyard.  The hands-on component cannot be completed if there is a deficiency in the fall protection system used by client (i.e. non-compliant anchor point, lanyards, or harnesses)

All training is performed in accordance with Federal OSHA, applicable State-chartered OSHA, and other State Regulations and local Ordinances.