CCR Title 8 Section 3395 and 3203 (GISO and CSO Cal OSHA), General Duty Clause (Fed OSHA)


Who does it apply to:

This section applies to all outdoor places of employment.

Additionally, Employers whose employees work in indoor environments where radiant heat sources and / or lack of sufficient ventilation may create excessive heat build up, need to address heat illness concerns via CCR Title 8 Section 3203.

Major Regulatory Requirements

  • Evaluation of specific job task / activity heat exposures
  • Develop written policies and procedures, include
    • Specific Procedures per each outside activity, duration, and workload
    • Specific procedures for shade and water provisioning, employee rest / recovery periods
    • Shade Equipment and water provision device selection / acquisition
    • High Heat Procedures when over 95
    • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Supervisor Training & Initial Employee Training

Training to include, at a minimum:

  • Environmental and personal risk factors
  • Employer’s heat illness prevention plan and procedures
  • The need to drink water frequently throughout the day
  • Importance of acclimatization—allowing the body to adjust gradually to work in high heat
  • Types of heat illness and the signs and symptoms
  • Necessity of immediately reporting to an employer any signs or symptoms
  • Employer’s procedures for responding to symptoms
  • Employer’s procedures for contacting emergency medical services, including alternative modes of transportation
  • Employer’s procedures for emergency communications, including emergency response procedures such as location, local medical services, and communication alternatives

Program Maintenance

  • Effective Employee re-training as required
  • Effective Supervisor re-training as required
  • Continual review of field operation compliance with shade and water provisioning.

This class is available for in-person training or online training.


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