Industrial Hygiene Services

Industrial Hygiene (IH) services as related to OSHA requirements is the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control and prevention of hazards from work that may result in injury, illness, or affect the well being of workers.

The types of hazards typically included in industrial hygiene include:

  • Biological,
  • Chemical,
  • Physical, and
  • Ergonomic

Industrial Hygiene hazard identification methods includes such services as:

  • Work area walk-throughs to assist in recognition and anticipation of potential health hazards
  • Noise Dosimetry,
  • Air Sampling,
  • Air Quality Surveys,
  • Lighting Studies

Common sampling / survey services include dust sampling (i.e. silica), gas / vapor (i.e. solvents, corrosives), air quality studies (i.e. mold, carbon monoxide), lighting studies (i.e. office and production environments), lead, and asbestos concerns.

OSTS can provide the services and oversight of a Certified Industrial Hygienist if so requested / required.


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