Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for head, hands, eyes, body, and feet

CCR Title 8 Section 3380 – 3385 (Cal OSHA), 29 CFR Subpart I (Fed OSHA) 

 This webpage does NOT include Respiratory Protection, Hearing Conservation, or Fall Protection. Separate pages are provided for those topics.

Who does it apply to:

All employers whose employees who are required, and in some cases, voluntarily, to wear personal protective equipment to protect them from job-related hazards.  Ideally, PPE should be viewed as a last resort to protect employees from identified hazards.   Employers should first attempt to eliminate hazards via Engineering Controls, Administrative Controls, and/or Substitution.  If these controls are not feasible nor effective, then the employer should evaluate the need and effectiveness of PPE.

What are the major regulatory requirements

  • Documented / Certified evaluation of Personal Protective Equipment needs per job description.
  • Policy development. May be contained within your Injury and Illness Prevention Program policy.
  • Specific Requirements / Procedures per Job Description. Requirements for the proper use and maintenance of applicable PPE.
  • Equipment/Device Selection/Acquisition
  • Equipment Care and maintenance
  • Initial Employee Training
  • Program Maintenance
    • Effective Employee Re-Training as required
    • Annual review of PPE needs, use, and maintenance.


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