Temporary Traffic Control – Navigating the CAMUTCD

This 6-7 hour, course is a must for the construction work zone, in both one and two person traffic control operations. Experienced traffic controllers can attend this course as a refresher. All attendees receive a certificate of course completion.

The primary objectives of the program [Part 6 of the 2014 CAMUTCD (effective 3/29/19)] is to train employees to provide safe passage of traffic through and around work areas and to minimize confusion by bringing standard procedures to our highways. Controlling traffic through work areas is one of the most important — and dangerous — operations in highway maintenance. This traffic control course is a comprehensive skill-building session that meets industry guidelines.

The topics covered include the following:

Requirements as specified in the “California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices”, CAMUTCD, The Manual.


  • Part 1 – Introduction on how to Navigate the CAMUTCD, Part 6, Temporary Traffic Control
  • Part 2a – Signage
  • Part 2b – Warning Signs
    • Guidelines for advanced Placement of warning signs
  • Part 6 – Temporary Traffic Control
    1. 6a – General
    2. 6B – Fundamental Principles
    3. 6C – Temporary Traffic Control Elements
    4. 6D – Pedestrian and Worker Safety
    5. 6F – Temporary Traffic Control Zone Devices
    6. 6G – Typical Applications
    7. 6I – Control of Traffic Through Incident Management Areas
  • Part 7 – Traffic Control for School Areas
  • Part 10 – Traffic Control for Highway, Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings