Two-day Preparatory Class for CCO Certification

This 2-day prep class is designed for the experienced crane operator or the Recertification operator to give them the information needed to pass the NCCCO written exams. Information covers Core and Load Charts. Even the most experienced operators have a better chance to pass if they attend this prep class. Sample quizzes will be given in class to help better prepare the operator for the NCCCO written exams.

Four-day ‘Introduction to Crane Operation’ & Preparatory Class for CCO Certification

It is recommended that a new or inexperienced crane operator attend this four-day “Introduction to Crane Operation” prep class that is designed to teach the candidate crane terminology, how to calculate load charts, crane operation and fundamentals. Candidates new to mobile crane operation will gain valuable fundamental knowledge in the first two days of this class, allowing them to keep up with the fast pace of the third and fourth days where experienced operators and operators re-certifying join the classroom.

NOTE: Certification and Qualification are two separate achievements. Certification signifies a knowledge level and Qualification signifies a practical ability. In regard to mobile crane operation for cranes above the regulatory threshold, Certification is required prior to achieving Qualification. EXCEPTION: For those mobile crane operators that were previously Qualified prior to the inception of this Certification requirement Standard, Certification becomes a technicality to allow continued operation.

This class nor acquiring NCCCO certification qualify a student to operate safely on a job site. This NCCCO certification allows a person to operate the specific type of crane that they achieved certification for, either in a training mode (new operator) or job site operator mode (experience / qualified operator). Becoming an experienced operator takes many hours of seat time. The information provided in this class is intended to introduce them to cranes and assist in preparing to take the NCCCO written exams.

Practical Practice and Practical Examination

Practical examinations as well as practice training are also offered. Operators who want practice training will work with a qualified OSTS instructor on crane control operation and learning how to get through the course, how to catch the load as well as others tips and techniques.

A candidate must pass the written core and at least one specialty examination as well as the corresponding practical exam in order to be certified for a five (5) year period.

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