Falls in the workplace are very common. Nearly 39 percent of fatalities on construction sites are from falling (OSHA), however, taking the right fall protection steps can prevent injury or death. In this blog, we share 5 ways to prevent falls on construction sites and how to keep workers safe.

Why Are Construction Workers at Risk For Falling?

Construction workers are more at risk to falling than in any other workplace simply due to the fact that they work from elevated heights.  These heights often include working on rooftops, ladders, and even constructing skyscrapers. Preventing workers from falling can also help employers avoid a legal liability.

Five Ways to Prevent Falling on a Construction Site

Five easy measures how to prevent workers from falling:

  1. Inspect Worksite at Start of Day

    Are all ladders on site safe to climb? Inspect all machines, tools, and protective equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Be sure to inspect personal protective equipment, especially if workers will be working from elevated heights.

  2. Provide Guard Rails

    Place these around every elevated open sided platform, floor or runway. Not only will providing guard rails prevent workers from falling, but also falling into or onto dangerous machines or equipment.

  3. Provide Personal Protective Equipment

    If fall hazards cannot be eliminated, employer will provide appropriate fall prevention equipment. Using a body belt or body harness system will prevent workers from free falling farther than 2 feet.

  4. Clean up Site at End of Day

    Cleaning up a worksite at the end of each day is crucial for personal safety. Cleaning up any debris or equipment will help prevent any unexpected accidents.

  5. Train Employees About Fall Protection.

    Employers are required by Cal/OSHA to have a fall protection program for workers who might be exposed to fall hazards. Training must include how to recognize fall hazards and how to minimize them.

Watch this video to learn more about methods of fall protection:

Fall Protection Safety Training

As mentioned, training your employees about fall protection on a construction site is critical for their safety (and others)! Our 6-hour fall protection safety course is designed to instruct employees in the regulatory guidelines according to Cal/OSHA CCR Title 8 §1670, as well as train them in the basic principles of Fall Protection in the workplace.