Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation

OSTS will conduct workstation evaluations of your facility, and production areas, to determine specific ergonomic related concerns; one of the most common injuries in the workplace is RMI (Repetitive Motion Injury). From the evaluation findings OSTS will develop a report that will explain our findings and give the necessary corrections needed.

Basic Ergonomics Class

OSHA has issued an ergonomics standard to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) developed by workers whose jobs involve repetitive motions, force, awkward postures, contact stress and vibration.

This class will cover the basics of ergonomics in the work environment. Class duration: 45-60 min. Topics that are covered but are not limited to:

  • Describe an example of a mechanical system in the human body.
  • Identify the main causes of ergonomic problems.
  • Describe ways of avoiding ergonomic problems.
  • Identify specific hand and wrist movements that can create ergonomic stress.
  • Identify tool-related ergonomic problems that can affect the hand and wrist.
  • Identify positions that cause stress to the arm and shoulder.

Does not include Facility Evaluation

Ergonomic Written Program

OSTS will develop your company’s written document that will meet the requirements of CCR Title 8 Section 5110.  The written document will include sections that cover Management Leadership & Employee Participation, Hazard Identification & Information, Job Hazard Analysis & Control, Training, Medical Management, Program Evaluation, and Record Keeping.


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