Hazardous Materials Business Plan & Chemical Inventory Development / Submission

Regulating Agency: Local Enforcing CUPA Division

For all employers who maintain reportable quantities of hazardous liquids, solids, and/or gasses, the local CUPA Health and HAZMAT Division requires the development and submittal. Reportable quantities are those in excess of 50 gallons of liquid, 500 lbs of solid, and/or 200 cubic feet of gas. OSTS Inc will develop and submit your Hazardous Materials Business Plan, Chemical Inventory, and maps for your company’s location(s) as regulated by YOUR County’s CUPA Division and upload & submit all documents to CERS.

The service includes developing the CUPA-required:

  1. Hazardous Materials Business & Contingency Plan (BEP),
  2. Employee Training Plan,
  3. Chemical Inventory forms for each hazardous substance that exceeds its reporting threshold, and
  4. Facility Site Map & Storage Map.

OSTS will follow through with the assigned CUPA inspector until the documents acquire 100% acceptance by the CERS system.