DOT Department Of Transportation Safety Training

The following information of hazardous materials training is the guideline for our course. However, OSTS will address the following issues in a site-specific manner to ensure applicability of information. Our instructors not only cover the required elements but use Tabletop and Practical exercises to further enhance the value of the class.

HM 181 shipping, receiving and handling training requirements
(DOT HM126F / 215A)
This 8-hour DOT regulation course requires specific training for all employees who ship, receive, manifest, handle and/or transport hazardous materials. All affected employees must be trained within 90 days of hire and provided refresher training, at least, every three years. This course will also cover the new Security regulations, under 49 CFR Part 172 Subpart I as required for all Hazardous material employees/drivers/handlers/shippers. This Class is approximately eight hours and certification is good for three years.

Topics to be discussed:
• General definitions and terminology.
• How to use the Hazardous Materials table, 172.101.
• How to select the proper DOT Shipping description.
• Shipping papers and bill of lading
• Performance-oriented packaging requirements.
• Handling “empties” and “leakers”.
• Responding to emergency situations.


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