Injury and Illness Prevention

Program Development

OSTS will develop your company-specific Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) as required by Cal OSHA, CCR Title 8 Section 3203, 1509, and 1510.  The program will include all necessary policies and procedures, including forms to assist in accomplishing and documenting safety activities.  The program has been “tested” by Cal OSHA and found sufficient in meeting the requirements.  This program will include industry-specific Codes of Safe Practice (construction, manufacturing, warehouse/distribution, etc.) as per your specific environment.  The focus of the program development will be ease of management.  Ease of management is critical in ensuring continuance of activities even through changes in personnel.

Employee Program Orientation

This 45-minute session is designed to inform all employees of the companies new safety program. It gives the employee the roles and responsibilities for both the employer and employee.

Safety Committee Program Implementation

This 1.5 hour class is designed for the Safety Director/Coordinator and Safety Committee Members on how to implement and manage the activities and documentation of the IIPP. What the roles and responsibilities are as a critical participant of the IIPP.  The session will cover such topics as: employee training, facility inspections, Safety Committee meetings and also provide an overview of your Codes of Safe Practice.


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