Active Clients

OSTS Inc and Staff are in it for the “Long Haul”

We have built our organization based on our clients’ needs and demands since 1990.  Our focus is to create long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients and ensure that our services reduce / eliminate workplace injuries and incidents, lower Workers’ Compensation costs, and help to increase production.

OSTS accomplishes the above-mentioned benefits through face-to-face employee and Supervisor safety education, causing culture change that creates a “New Normal” for the work environment.  This “New Normal” increases moral and reduces safety hazard exposure by increasing employee knowledge.

Unsafe acts cause the vast majority of workplace incidents, where most can be avoided via employee knowledge that results in recognition of concern processes / procedures before they cause an incident.

Typical New Client Startup Procedure

  • Conduct Face-to-Face meeting and facility tour
    • Assess work environment and identify major needs
  • Develop proposed annual safety activity calendar based on required / recommended / agreed activities
    • Includes written programs, employee training, and facility and job site inspections
  • Revitalize Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
    • Includes existing IIPP policy review and update, if needed
    • Conduct IIPP orientation training for all employees
  • Commence agreed safety activities and provide ongoing safety support
    • OSTS becomes an extension of our client’s business.  We ARE our clients’ Safety Department

Case Study #1

  • In 1994, Southern California Distribution firm, in City of Industry, had 5 employees and approximately 50,000 ft sq.
  • OSTS has been conducting monthly employee safety training, quarterly facility safety inspections, and quarterly safety committee meetings.
  • Today, this client has over 400 employees, and one million square feet of warehouse space.
  • Their Experience Modification Rating (EMR) has been hovering FAR below the industry average.

Case Study #2

  • Metal Fab company contracted to build parking structure/solar panel support cover to be installed at auto dealership.
  • GC denied Metal Fab company access to the site due to lack of fall protection plan, system, and training.
  • OSTS contacted GC to let them know we were developing fall protection plan for Metal Fab company.
  • OSTS developed detailed fall protection plan, submitted to GC for review, plan was accepted upon first review.
  • OSTS trained employees in safe use and limitations.

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