Mobile Audiometric Testing – Employee hearing tests – baseline and annual

OSTS offers Hearing Conservation-related services that include Hearing Conservation Program development, Noise Dosimetry testing, Hearing Conservation training for employees, and mobile audiometric (hearing) testing. With experienced Technicians and Doctors, we provide assistance to industries who are attempting to comply with current State/Fed OSHA regulations.

* On-Site Services
By bringing our staff and equipment to you, you save time and money by minimizing downtime. The process of sending your employees to a local clinic for testing carries EXTREME liability for your company. Even if the clinic conducted your testing at no cost, the liability of having your employees driving our public highways on Company time is immeasurable.

* Professional Service
We use computer-based microprocessor audiometers eliminating human error. Our medical equipment is calibrated daily. Quality Assurance personnel review efficiency and maintenance reports. We use certified and licensed technicians to staff our modern mobile testing units to ensure your compliance.

* Quick Reference Reports
Computerized test results and employer quick reference reports outline, in detail, specific findings and recommendations.

* Data Management
Pre-employment auditory tests can be sent directly to us for review and direct entry into our database for future Baseline comparisons.

* Maximize Protection

Our service is designed to minimize the detrimental effects of excessive industrial noise exposure by monitoring affected employees to determine if changes are occurring. Slight changes can be observed and appropriate action taken to significantly reduce potential compensation claims.