COVID-19 Prevention Program

Cal OSHA – Federal OSHA does not have a similar Standard
CCR Title 8 Section 3205
CCR Title 8 Section 3205.1
CCR Title 8 Section 3205.2
CCR Title 8 Section 3205.3
CCR Title 8 Section 3205.4

Who does it apply to:
Cal/OSHA regulations, as adopted 11/30/2020, require that all employers not covered by the ATD Standard (primarily healthcare industry), Section 5199, follow requirements of Sections 3205 through 3205.4, COVID-19 Prevention, as they apply.

OSTS will develop written policy that will include, as applicable, subject matter listed below:

Primary Policy

  • Employee reporting
  • Employer procedures for accommodating at risk employees
  • Information regarding access to testing
  • Information about COVID-19 hazards
  • Identification and Evaluation of hazards
  • Investigating & Responding to COVID-19 cases
  • Correction of COVID-19 hazards
  • Training and instruction
  • Physical Distancing
  • Face Coverings
  • Other engineering & administrative controls and PPE
  • Reporting, Recordkeeping, and Access
  • Exclusion of COVID-19 Cases
  • Return to Work Criteria


  • Multiple COVID-19 Infections and COVID-19 Outbreaks
  • Major COVID-19 Outbreaks
  • COVID-19 Prevention in Employer-Provided Housing
  • COVID-19 Prevention in Employer-Provided Transportation To and From Work