Lead and Asbestos Awareness Training

Duration (Hours and Minutes): 4 Hours


Lead Awareness Training

Employees working with lead in the workplace but not exposed above the OSHA Action Level of 50ug/m3 in General Industry or 30ug/m3 in Construction Industry. This class communicates information concerning lead hazards according to the requirements of the Hazard Communication Standard, Section 5194. Class includes methods of recognizing lead, health effects associated with lead exposure, the nature of operations that could result in exposure to minimize exposure, warning signs and labels, Safety Data Sheets, and a review of Cal OSHA General Industry Title 8 5198 and Cal OSHA Construction Title 8 1532.1 Standards, including appendices.

Code/Regulation (what Cal/OSHA or other regulation it satisfies): Cal OSHA General Industry Title 8 5198 and Construction Title 8 1532.1

Asbestos Awareness Training

All custodial and maintenance personnel who work in a building that contains ACM/PACM should receive as a minimum a two-hour Asbestos Awareness Training Course.  It is recommended that interested management personnel, or any other employees who do not except by accident have the potential to disturb asbestos in their routine work, the following topics should be included in the two hour (minimum) awareness training session: background information on asbestos; health effects of asbestos; worker protection programs; locations of ACM/PACM Program for the building; proper response to fiber release episodes if the ACM/PACM should be disturbed accidentally.

Code/Regulation (what Cal/OSHA or other regulation it satisfies): Cal OSHA General Industry Title 8 5208 and Construction Title 8 1529

Objectives: The purpose is to provide information to employees who work in and around areas where there is a potential for exposure to lead and asbestos.

Frequency (ex.  Required as an initial course, recommended every 3 years thereafter): Initial and Annually

Who Should Attend (ex. Employees who operate forklifts): All employees who do maintenance and repair work including their supervisors.